Classical Ballet

It represents the basis of nearly all dance forms and cultivates harmony, strength, grace and discipline in the dancer. Starting from the pre-school age, the child develops creativity and imagination in a joyful way whilst developing correct body posture. At a more advanced level classical ballet requires dedication and devotion from the dancer to attain the highest standard possible. The school teaches the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance [RAD] ,from pre-school to advanced level, which promotes and enhances knowledge and understanding of safe dance practise internationally.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance is a form that promotes freedom of expression, further awareness of the physical body and helps to enhance personal strength. The dancer rejects the restriction of classical ballet and plays with the laws of gravity, direction and tempo, through different techniques such as Limon ., Graham ., release ., improvisation . and contact .


Before the 1950s it was referred to as the dance style of the African American’s. Later on it developed and encompassed different styles and divided into many categories such as commercial jazz, burlesque, musical theatre, street jazz, funky jazz and lyrical jazz with particular emphasis on strong, rhythmic movement . It is aimed at everyone who wants to express themselves dynamically with movement whilst aerobically exercising the body.

Hip Hop

Stemming from the popular form of music , it is possibly the most well known form of dance for young people these days. It includes a range of styles and techniques such as breaking, locking, popping and waacking developing co-ordination, rhythm and style and a strong sense of group participation. It speaks to everyone regardless of gender . Dynamic energy and sheer fun are the basic characteristics of a Hip Hop class and for some, it’s not just a dance form; it’s a way of life .

Break Dance for boys

New to our program is a lesson just for the b-boys. They will try spins and freezes, in a fun, safe atmosphere . Breaking increases the upper body strength and helps to improve balance and co-ordination.



It is described by J.H. Pilates himself as `gentle for pregnant women, safe for the elderly, dynamic for dancers and athletes’. This physical fitness system is intended for everyone regardless of age and gender and it is especially useful for addressing muscular problems arising from every day bad habits from our modern way of living such as lower back pain, stiff necks and rounded shoulder blades.

Fitness for Mums and Dads

This is an all-body fitness program designed for Mums and Dads so that they can improve their physical fitness which because of circumstances they may have neglected. The class is scheduled at the same time as our little ones dance class so that they can exercise at the same time as their children. It combines simple movements and exercises with floor work as a gentle warm-up and progresses to endurance exercises and stretching.


This well known exercise-dance phenomenon is a combination of Latin dance rhythms with easy movement sequences, performed with varying rhythms from slow to very fast, with elements of aerobic exercise and endurance training. It helps to tone and exercise the body to achieve all-round physical fitness. It’s an easy and fun physical fitness program, designed to include everybody in the party atmosphere. The music, movements and dance steps create a feeling of euphoria, freedom and happiness!